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A4+ Protector Box Kit: 25 pack
A4+ Protector Box Kit: 25 pack
A4+ Protector Box Kit: 25 pack
A4+ Protector Box Kit: 25 pack
A4+ Protector Box Kit: 25 pack

A4+ Protector Box Kit: 25 pack

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25 pack / $4.98 per unit- all inclusive eco-friendly packaging kits!
 FREE Australian METRO shipping, delivered to your door! BULKY ITEM  

This pack includes:
- 25x A4+ heavy duty one-piece fold-over mailer box labelled FRAGILE
- 1x 50 metre roll of biodegradable packing tape
- 10 metres [unexpanded] of HexcelWrap™ Protective Packaging 
- 25x biodegradable shipping labels
- 25x eco-friendly mailer stickers
- 25x thank you card with packaging information 

See details below:
A4+ High Profile Mailer Box
High quality, heavy duty tuck-in box. Suitable for mailing handmade fragile items & A4+ framed artworks or canvas, with additional room for protective packaging. Pre-labelled FRAGILE for your convenience.
NB: Please pre-measure your framed items to ensure your product will fit! 
   Australian made  |  100% recyclable   |Biodegradable  |  Post-consumer recycled contents |   FSC certified materials
External size: 360mm (L) x 270mm (W) x 80mm (H)

The Better Packaging Co. Shipping Label [1] 
Suitable for handwritten labels only. If you require labels suitable for printing on selected Direct Thermal label printer, we recommend purchasing by the roll in the Additional Extras section;
 100% recyclable   |Compost-friendly
Size: 100mm x 150mm

HexcelWrap™ Protective Packaging 
Expandable & interlocking honeycomb-shaped brown Kraft paper wrapping.
   100% recyclable   |Biodegradable |    FSC certified materials
Size: 10m x 30cm [unexpanded]

Eco-Friendly Mailer Stickers 
Eco-friendly logo sticker or use to enclose your protective wrapping. And yes, you should definitely show off your choice to thoughtfully legend!
   100% recyclable   |Biodegradable  |    FSC certified materials

Tamper-Evident Gummed Packing Tape
1x 50 metre roll of water activated tape, printed with soy ink. Featuring super cute & colourful designs by Australian artists- designs will vary. Pre-cut to save time & minimise wastage.
   100% recyclable   |Biodegradable  |    FSC certified materials

Thank You Card
Maximise your customer loyalty with a customisable thank you card. While you're at it- inform your customers how to properly dispose of & reuse our packaging with this handy card. P.s they'll also love that you're an environmental superstar.
   Australian made  |   100% recyclable   |   Post-consumer recycled contents
Size: A6 

*Disclaimer: We do our best to represent our product accurately, however product size & design varies across our kit range. Product images & descriptions provided may not be an exact representation of your order & should be used as a guide only. If you have further questions please contact us at