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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Are your products Australian made?
We strive to one day stock 100% Australian made kits. Most of our products are Australian made. However due to the limited Australian manufacturers of specific eco-friendly products currently, we source some of our products from Australian suppliers who may stock items made overseas. Individual product details are provided for each kit on our website. 
Are your products recyclable?
Yes, all of our products (except the EcoPure® Air pocket wrap option) are suitable for disposing of in your recycling bin. Labels & stickers provided will not need to be removed from boxes prior to recycling. 
Please note, that if you have selected the Protector Box with EcoPure® Air pocket wrap option, this product will need to be placed in the rubbish bin, as the organic additive in the product is designed to enhance the speed of plastic decomposition in a landfill environment. 

What is glassine paper? 
Translucent & acid free wrap for protection against grease, air and moisture. Suitable for interleaving & wrapping artworks & photographs. The sheet is non-electrostatic and will not smudge pastel, charcoal/graphite drawings. Glassine Paper is neutral pH & acid-free. 

How do you apply the tamper evident gummed tape?
Dampen a sponge and wipe across the length of the tape, making sure the edges and ends are dampened. Press down and around closure sections of the mailer bag or mailer box. Ensure the tape is not drenched when applying the tape to maintain the integrity of the mailing container. 

Where do you ship, & what are the costs?
Currently, we only shipping within Australia with Australia Post or Star Track. However, international shipping is a future option we are considering. During the pre-order period, we will charge a flat rate fee depending on approximate size and weight of your order. Your order will have shipping cost pre-calculated for the sure to use code AUSWIDE for free shipping over $250!
We reserve the right to alter our shipping costs at any time. 

Why is there only one shipping label per kit?
We recommend using your shipping label for your customer's shipping address. Drawing attention to a return address with a white label may result in confusion during the mailing process, therefore we recommend writing return addresses directly onto the back of the box/mailer or onto the tape in small writing. 

Will you have more products in the future?
Yes! Definitely - we have some more in the pipeline at the moment. We can't wait to hear your feedback and suggestions for future art packaging products. 
What if I don't want an item that is included in the kit? 
Our kits come as is. If you do not require a specific item, save them up for a friend or family member and inspire them to eco package their postage items. Sharing is caring! 

I am a larger business & I print my shipping labels on a thermal printer. What do you recommend?
As our labels are provided individually (not on a roll) they are suitable for handwritten labels only. We recommend purchasing compostable label rolls direct from The Better Packaging Co. at See details of their website for suitable printers. 

I have regular e-commerce orders to fulfil. Do you have a subscription service?
We are currently working on a subscription service to provide convenience and special deals to future Art Packa subscribers. 
Do your kits have a shelf life?
We recommend using your cardboard kits within 2-4 months. We provide the option of smaller orders to ensure that your cardboard kits are strong, durable and suitable for shipping fragile items. Please ensure items are stored in a clean & moisture-free area.