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A4 Flat Box Kit: 25 pack
A4 Flat Box Kit: 25 pack
A4 Flat Box Kit: 25 pack
A4 Flat Box Kit: 25 pack
A4 Flat Box Kit: 25 pack

A4 Flat Box Kit: 25 pack

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25 pack / $3.80 per unit- all inclusive eco-friendly packaging kits! 
 FREE Australian METRO shipping, delivered to your door! BULKY ITEM 

This pack includes:
- 25x A4 fold-over mailer box labelled FRAGILE
- 18+ metres of pre-cut biodegradable packing tape
- 25x biodegradable shipping labels
- 25x eco-friendly mailer stickers
- 25x thank you card with packaging information 

Inclusion details:

- A4 Fold Over Mailer Box 
Suitable for A4 sized products, with adjustable height up to 50mm. Pre-labelled FRAGILE for your convenience.

   Australian made  |  100% recyclable   |Biodegradable  |  80% Post-consumer recycled contents |   FSC certified materials
External size (when assembled): 320mm (L) x 235mm (W) x 0-50mm (H)
Internal size (when assembled): 307mm (L) x 220mm (W) x 0-50mm (H)

- Tamper-Evident Biodegradable Packing Tape
25x 0.75 metre tape, pre-cut to save time & minimise wastage. Water activated tape, printed with non-toxic soy ink. Featuring super cute & colourful designs by featured emerging Australian artists-designs will vary. Fragile tape option coming soon.
   100% recyclable   |Biodegradable |Compost-friendly |  Post-consumer recycled contents |    FSC certified materials

- The Better Packaging Co. Shipping Labels
Did you know that most shipping labels & stickers have a thin plastic coating? Well, this one doesn't. Suitable for handwritten labels only. If you require labels suitable for printing on selected Direct Thermal label printer, we recommend purchasing by the roll in the Additional Extras section;
 100% recyclable   |Biodegradable  |Compost-friendly
Size: 100mm x 150mm

- Eco-Friendly Mailer Stickers 
Eco-friendly logo sticker or use to enclose wrapping or show off your choice to thoughtfully package (yes, you legend!)
   100% recyclable   |Biodegradable  |    FSC certified materials

- Thank You Cards
Maximise your customer loyalty with a customisable thank you card. While you're at it, inform your customers how to properly dispose of & reuse our packaging with this handy card. P.s they'll also love that you're a environmental superstar.
   Australian made  |   100% recyclable   |   Post-consumer recycled contents
Size: A6 

*Disclaimer: We do our best to represent our product accurately, however product size & design varies across our kit range. Product images & descriptions provided may not be an exact representation of your order & should be used as a guide only. If you have further questions please contact us at